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52 Weeks in Slovakia – An Inheritance from Communism?

Slovak Workers and ‘Pat a Mat’ October 25, 2010 By: Allan Stevo At a bus stop, I see two Bratislava city workers moving leaves and dust about on this dry fall morning – one with a leaf blower, the other with a shovel.  The one with the leaf blower does nothing a broom couldn’t accomplish […]

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52 Weeks in Slovakia – Why’s Everyone Wearing a Green Ribbon?

This is from Monday’s post at  The “52 Weeks in Slovakia” site is going strong.  Lots of chatter there.  Lots of people signed up for the mailing list and lots of people visiting.  I’m happy with how the first two weeks have gone. Click here to sign up for weekly updates and join the […]

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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust a Christian or a Jew?

This was published on last weekend and then reposted/linked to on about 250 sites.  Some of the reposting was done by people who didn’t take the time to read beyond the title.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this one.  – Allan 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Trust a Christian or a […]

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The Harvest is In – Vinobranie in Slovakia

This week I started running a weekly column on Slovakia with a few small newspapers and magazines in the U.S.  I’ll be posting the pieces at every Monday morning for the next 52 weeks.  Pasted below is the first of those columns, on the Slovak tradition of Vinobranie. Allan Vinobranie October 11, 2010 By: […]

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Upset the Applecart, Blago

Today I had an article run calling for former Illinois governor Blagojevich to sue the federal government. We’d all win. I welcome anyone interested in U.S. politics to take a look at it and tell me what you think.Click here for a direct link: Blago Should Sue – We Would All Be Winners By: Allan […]

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Blago Should Sue – We Would All Be Winners

Blago shouldn’t just walk; he should sue the government for defaming his character. He went free on 23 of 24 counts. The one count that he didn’t go free on, shouldn’t even be a law: he was found guilty of lying to the FBI. That lame law did not require a wiretap to find him […]

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This is the Day of the Bloodless

The following poem along with four others on the same theme – the Iron Curtain, appeared in last December’s edition of Contemporary Literary Horizons, a magazine published in Romania. Fascinating magainze published by a passionate writer, Daniel Dragomirescu. Well worth a read. Below is the original English version and then a Romania version translated by Sânziana […]

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