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52 Weeks in Slovakia: Why Nationalists March Through Bratislava Today

Why Neo-Nazis March Through Bratislava Today March 14, 2011 By Allan Stevo Radical elements of society are likely to congregate in Bratislava this week once or several times to celebrate the anniversary of the formation of the First Slovak State (March 14, 1939 – May 8, 1945). For nationalist and neo-fascist reasons and perhaps also […]

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52 Weeks in Slovakia: Ash Wednesday Comes and Social Ball Season Ends

This is reposted from Ples February 28, 2011 By Allan Stevo It was once commented to me “In Slovakia every minority has their own ples.”  And I’ve found that in many ways to be true.  Ples is the Slovak word for “social ball.”  They take place en masse at this time of year.  ( […]

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52 Weeks in Slovakia: The International Day of Women and A Chance to Win a Contest

MDŽ and Name-days March 7, 2011 By Allan Stevo In late February I was in Ukraine, where “men’s day”  (a show of honor for men who served in the army) and “women’s day” (a show of honor to all women) are both sizable holidays. While not as sizable as in the Ukraine, MDŽ or “The International Day of Women,” is […]

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