After Super Tuesday Is Ron Paul Still Second in the Delegate Count?

The truth of the matter is, no one really knows how many delegates anyone has at this moment.  There are binding agreements that make it easier to understand the delegate count in some states. However, it’s all speculation until the RNC convenes in August and we see how the delegates actually vote. The more likely it becomes that there will be a brokered convention, the more uncertain those delegate bindings become.

Based on the feedback I’ve been hearing – the folks at Lemon Global get it right.  Based on the states that currently have had primaries and caucuses, Ron Paul is probably number two in the delegate count. At this late point in the game, it’s unlikely that anyone will be successful in trying to stop a coup at the RNC, because Ron Paul supporters are learning and using rules written by the GOP insiders to beat the insiders at their own game. If we remember that, the reason for my great hope for this election becomes so much more clear.

The day after an allegedly “losing” Super Tuesday for Ron Paul, I am ecstatic, because even a Gingrich stronghold, according to an article at the Daily Beast,  is up in the air – even Georgia is up in the air.  If I understood the article correctly, this is regardless of the outcome of the beauty contest and  Ron Paul’s supporters are the strongest, most well-educated supporters out there when it comes to understanding the process.  A decentralized coup is underway.

How many delegates will be Ron Paul supporters on the floor of the RNC? My guess is that it will be more than even Ron Paul’s campaign realizes.

Allan Stevo is a writer from Chicago – author of’s #1 Best Seller in February, the recently released How to Win America for Ron Paul and the Cause of Freedom in 2012, a book on how Ron Paul supporters can secure the GOP nomination and with certainty deliver a presidential win for Ron Paul in 2012.

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  2. Radim says:

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