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The European Union – A Land With No Demonym

Demonym July 13, 2017 Allan Stevo “This item first appeared at on May 22, 2017.” A demonym or gentilic is a word used to describe a resident or native of a place. Americans come from America. Italians come from Italy. Slovaks come from Slovakia, and Europeans come from Europe. But who comes from the […]

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July 4 Is Not About The Constitution, It’s About The Declaration Of Independence

Getting it Wrong July 11, 2017 Allan Stevo This piece first appeared at Target Liberty as “#FakeUnderstanding Does the New York Times Even Know What the 4th of July Holiday Celebrates?” Some people are not sophisticated enough to know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The editorial board of the New […]

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Review: How To Win America, By Walter Block

July 8, 2017 Walter Block “This review of How to Win America by Allan Stevo was originally run at The Journal of Prices & Markets.” Review of books about Ron Paul Ron Paul, in addition to being a doctor, a politician, a leader of the libertarian movement, is also a heavily published author. He has […]

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